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Your friends should know you’re a Christian. The people who you see on a regular basis should notice something different about you.

Don’t let fear, pride or temptation keep you from showing Jesus to people. 


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In just a few short months I finally end my college career. I’ll have my degree in environmental science and minors in Biblical studies and biology. I can’t believe it has been 5 years! 

Graduate school? Definitely not at this point! Right now, I don’t want to further pursue education in the sciences. If I did end up continuing my education, I would most likely be going to seminary for a masters in Pentecostal studies. But at this point, it isn’t on the planner. 

I’ve been blessed with an internship helping with local watershed projects and educating kids about protecting our waterways. So far, so good! 

I’ve also taken a children’s pastor position and it has been tons of fun! Kids are so fun and I love to teach them about Christ! Please pray that I can adequately teach the kids and that their faith will grow and those who haven’t, will surrender their hearts to Christ and allow Him to shape their lives. 


I recently found myself in the position of accepting the children’s ministry pastor position at my church. To be honest, I never saw children’s ministry in my path. 

I never actually attended Sunday School as a young kid. When I was around 11 or 12 I did for a brief time (the joys of home churches, right?). I never went to kids camp. I have no idea how this stuff works. 

But for the last 4 weeks, I’ve started to learn. It has been a struggle. I’m working on how to wrangle kids and teach them God’s Word while having fun at the same time. My church is small (but praise God it’s growing!) and curricula are expensive. There are tons of free resources (thankfully) and I pray that God blesses those people! 

So, I ask: Any tips or tricks? Do you know of free resources? What have you found does and doesn’t work for you?


It should be obvious. I have frequent lapses in posts which may be as long as months. I always have my phone but I never open the tumblr app to post anything or really look. Tumblr tends to lose my interest fairly quickly.

Anyways, so I went to the St. Louis Zoo and it was GREAT. I love animals so it was neat to spend a whole day at. God is so amazing! I also went to the St. Louis Science Center. For science nerds, it’s a fun place! Again, God is so amazing!

I’ve also been on a board game binge so tumblr has been on the back burner. I pretty much force whoever will sit down to play games with me. It’s usually my mom. I bought Clue at a flea market today for $1 and I can’t wait to play it. My dad refuses to play games so I’m basically waiting for my future husband to show up and ask to play (that’s a joke) but my niece or nephew will do to get that 3rd player.

So, yeah. : )


FBI Rescues 105 Children From Horrific Sex Trafficking Operations in 76 U.S. Cities


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Tiny Hands International

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Human Trafficking

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I know I ask for prayer a lot. I don’t see a problem with that though. This time though, I feel much stronger about it. 

For the past 5 years my brother has been dating/engaged to a woman who has 2 kids. Her oldest is a 12 year old boy. He has Asperger’s (a form of autism). He’s incredibly smart but he also doesn’t understand the social norms that a 12 year old should get. He’s an amazing kid. For those who don’t know him, they think he’s weird. Going in public with him means that you get a lot of stares. Part of that is because he’s a bit of an oddball (in a good way) but also as a 12 year old, he’s at least 5’4”. It’s a little odd being 4’11” and trying to herd a massive 12 year old around that really just a big kid. 

He’s truly my kind of kid. He has a passion for science and knowledge. He loves video games and can rattle of the history of pretty much anything. He’s absolutely adorable. There’s a problem though. 

Whether it’s pre-teen hormones or Asperger’s and realizing that he’s different, he’s going through a horrible stage of depression. And it’s even worse because he’s bullied. There was one instance where the bus driver dropped the kids off at the school and the doors were still locked. There was no adult supervision. Several other students ganged up on him and pushed him down without allowing him to get up. When he finally got up, he pushed one back. The result? In school suspension for him and no punishment for any other student. 

I just learned that he has been writing extremely dark things. These things include torturing people and death. I also found out that he was molested when he was younger and his drug/alcohol addict grandmother continues to bring it up to him. A few days before the last day of this past semester, several students told him that the world was better off if he were dead. No one would have to deal with him and his weirdness. He attempted to jump out of a 2nd story window at school. 

A 12 year old attempting to kill himself because of cruel and heartless kids. It kills me that he gets bullied this much. They did get him enrolled at a more rigorous middle school that has many kids like him. Hopefully the bullying stops. He’s a different kid but he’s one special kid. He doesn’t understand the social norms so yes, he’s loud. He’s in your face. He constantly talks about how things work. He makes a point that rules should be followed. He rags and rags on his mom about how smoking and excessive drinking is bad and he’ll tell you all about the changes your body will see. He despises cussing even though his mom cusses worse than a sailor. He’s the world’s worst loser (we had an argument over Uno once in which he tried to claim that I cheated so he wouldn’t have to draw 4 cards. We’re both very competitive). But he’s one amazing kid. It took me 4 years to connect with him. It took 3 years for him to learn my name. He has just recently started hugging me. This kiddo is the most amazing boy in my life. 

As far as I know, he doesn’t know Christ. He’s only been to church a few times and raised his hand at ever call that he’d ever heard. He’s innocent enough but he doesn’t know Christ. He’s a stickler about prayer before dinner but he doesn’t know Christ like he could or should. My brother has backslid from the faith he was raised in and his fiance is far from being a Christian. The only influence in his life is myself and my parents. 

He needs Christ and he needs prayer. No 12 year old boy should be depressed like he is. No boy his age should be writing stories that he does and attempting to kill himself. Please prayer for him and that things will turn around for him. 


So, today I told my mom that I wasn’t getting “fed” at my current church like I felt I should be. There are slight doctrinal differences (which I didn’t mention to her) but the fact is, during the summer I’m the only college student. During the school year, there’s only a few more and 1 announced he was leaving (he got engaged and is going to church with his fiance) and most likely his best friend will go with him. That leaves 2 more people. I need to connect with people my own age. While I tend to connect with older people, I need the interaction with people my own age. I love the older people at my church but let’s face it, we’re at totally different places in life. (Also, my mom keeps talking more and more about marriage and you don’t find husbands when you’re the only college student at the church (that’s a joke…sort of)). 

Anyways, I started looking at different churches online. I have an idea of churches that my friends from university go to. The problem is that I live about 30 minutes from campus. Many of them drive to other churches which would make a 40 minute drive for me and that’s tough when you drive 30 minutes to and from school and gas prices are rising. I know that God provides but I’m having a hard time with the long traveling aspect. 

I’ve discovered that in town there are at least 2 Reformed congregations but after looking at their statements, etc. I’ve chosen that they’re not what I’m looking for. I also found an Orthodox church that I had no idea existed and that’s definitely not in my realm. I found an IFCA International church and that was something new to me. After reading about their denomination (that they would say isn’t a denomination apparently), that’s a no-go. That one actually took a lot of searching to figure out! One church gives you a gift card to their little coffee cafe thing your first time you come. I’m sorry…you’re giving me money that only works at your church to try to keep me coming? Well, that’s a no go for sure!

Like I said, I do love my current church other than some pushy things and the extremely small amount of college-aged students. Previously I spent 8 years in a church where I was not spiritually fed. I was never truly part of that church. I’m not going to waste another 8 years of my life in a church where I’m not getting what I need. 

My lanta…

Finding a church is proving to be more difficult than I though. There are so many churches that have doctrines that I find unbiblical (and some that just are unbiblical). I’m afraid of the so-called “non-denominational” churches because I don’t want a watered down Gospel and many of them in my area do just that.